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European Rail Timetable summer 2019

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Contains timetables valid from June 2019 – December 2019

As well as updated timings valid from June 9 to December 14, the Summer 2019 edition includes our biannual Rail Extra feature which provides useful transport based information on a country by country basis (including details of many popular tourist railways). It also contains a 7-page section with details of various European rail passes as well as the latest versions of all eight Beyond Europe sections.

The Timetable provides timings for over 50,000 individual rail connections and ​​​​unique to this extended edition are special sections containing invaluable information for rail holidaymakers, including:

– Guide to European Rail Passes
– Ferry schedules
– Beyond Europe timetables – covering a summary of timetables from 8 different areas: India; South East Asia; Australia & New Zealand; North America; South America; South Korea; Japan and China